What is Artability?

Artability is a voluntary group whose purpose is to give people with a disability or other health needs, the opportunity to learn or re-learn art skills.

Art can give people the ability to express themselves, regain confidence and self-belief and develop an “I can do” mind set.

A selection of member’s comments are – “Its something I can do” - “Makes time go quickly” – “Satisfaction” – “Good rehabilitation” – “Exciting” – “Challenging” – “Relaxing” – “When people admire your paintings you feel on top of the world” – “Transported to another world”.

Art and Artability can improve people’s lives. Research reinforces what many people know instinctively that the quality of our lives comes largely from a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging.

We have two groups one in Bakewell and one in Matlock and meet on Tuesday afternoons 2-00pm to 4-00pm and membership is £2.00 per session. Bakewell we are at the Medway Centre and alternative weeks we are at Victoria Court, Smedley Street, Matlock.

If you would like further information on both venues and dates please contact: Kath Soppitt (01629 732583)

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